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Activating DL in Challenging Times Joanne Quinn Webinar

Webinar Recording available now.

Padlet Wall Responses (pdf)

Text Chat (pdf)

Teachers as Activators and Design Igniter Tools

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Jean Clinton Webinar recording

Thanks to all who attended the webinar Cultivating Well-being in Challenging times.

The recording, and final 3 videos in Dr Jean’s series are available HERE


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Webinar: Cultivating Well-being in Challenging Times.

If you’ve watched the first two of Jean’s Well-being clips and enjoyed them…or even if you haven’t yet seen them, join us for an interactive webinar on April 30 at 4PM EST.

Jean will will be discussing well-being for children and adults during this challenging time.

NOTE: Webinar fully subscribed. The recording will be posted on

When: April 30, 4PM EST


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